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When you do not need the equipment permanently, Blanken Controls also gives you the opportunity to rent measuring instruments or even to hire a fully equipped mobile calibration laboratory. You can rent the equipment for a shorter or longer period depending on your needs.

Mobile calibration laboratory

You can personalize the mobile calibration laboratory and use it to calibrate and certify your measurement equipment on site.

Our mobile calibration laboratory is standardly equipped with calibrators for pressure and temperature calibrations. With the corresponding hardware and software the calibration can be done automatic and semi-automatic (with certificate). Additional quantities are also available to suit your needs.

The mobile calibration laboratory is equipped with a 250 Bar compressed air compressor with buffer bottle for high pressure calibrations. It features a stable indoor climate through climate control (heating and cooling) so you can use it both in summer and in wintertime.

The operation of our mobile calibration laboratory can be done by both personnel of Blanken Controls or by your own staff, after training.

For more information about the rental possibilities of our mobile calibration laboratory please contact us via email:

Measuring instruments

Blanken Controls also rents test and calibration instruments for different purposes:


  • Pressure calibration sets with hand pump
  • Pressure Gauges (EX)
  • Pressure calibrators with nitrogen bottle
  • Vacuum Pumps

Relative humidity

  • Relative humidity and temperature loggers


  • CO 2 detection instruments
  • flue gasanalysers


  • Shock Recorders
  • Shock and environment recorders


  • mA Loop calibrators


  • Multi temperature calibrators
  • Pt100 calibrators / Simulators
  • Relative humidity and temperature loggers
  • Temperature data loggers
  • Temperature Calibrators


  • Multi calibrators

For more information about our rental options, please contact us by phone 055 505 83 00 or via email: