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The Extranet makes it possible for customers to manage the instruments of Blanken Controls online. The Extranet is well organized and easy to use and gives you easily and quickly a very clear overview of all your instruments, the associated certificates and the most important details.

The Extranet provides you with many possibilities, such as:

  • re-calibration data, consulting of the instruments you signed up
  • corresponding certificates are available online
  • viewing the treatment terms of our service and repair
  • register your instruments yourself for service or repair and also view the associated planning You can also
  • make simple changes ¬ª sign up your new instruments
  • and print a shipment document with a shipping advice for a particular instrument.

The Extranet helps you with the management of your instruments and takes a lot of (administrative) burden off your hands with regards to certification so you can spend your time on your core business. For more information or to request login codes, please contact us at