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Blanken Controls has an extensive and modern calibration laboratory that consists of several conditioned areas especially equipped for the calibration of a specific physical quantity.
Here we offer you a total package for the calibration of all your instruments according to the current standards and guidelines, with services like:

  • the establishment of procedures-for the management of instruments
  • calibrating, adjustment and (legal) calibration of your instruments
  • certification of your electric hand tools according to the NEN3140-standard
  • repair of your instruments
  • etc.

The basis of the laboratory is the NEN-EN-ISO/IEC17025: 2005 standard, which describes the requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. Our service package and our calibration laboratory are an integral part of our ISO9001: 2008 scope.

To be able to guarantee the lead time we ask you to sign up the instruments for repair and calibration in advance, via our registration form. This form is available from our service Department (055-5058300 /

The calibration laboratory consists of various conditioned areas. These are especially equipped for the calibration of a specific physical quantity. The total accuracy of the calibrations that we perform is matched to the measuring instruments which we calibrate. Most measurements have an uncertainty that is 2 to 4 times better than the measuring instrument that is calibrated. Because our standards are so accurate we are able to even traceably calibrate the tools for calibration.

In our calibration laboratory, we work with the following magnitudes (click on a quantity for more detail information):

Torque / Force
Mass / Weight
Air velocity