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With this page we would like to refer you to relevant sites such as those of our business partners and trade associations but also to a number of, for Blanken Controls, relevant civil society organizations.

On the websites of our (International) partners you will find more background with respect to their services and products.


Trade associations

Blanken Controls is a member of:


FHI is the collective of technology companies that are active in the Dutch market as providers of industrial electronics, industrial automation, laboratory technology and medical technology. The collective functions as a network and addresses external parties, both public and private, business and (semi-) public institutions. The goal is corporate marketing and advocacy for the affiliated companies.


Foundation RTA

RTA takes the responsibility for the collective sign up to the Ministry of VROM/SenterNovem, the national professional collection of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment of the participants, the environmentally friendly recycling of these products, monitoring, reporting to the Ministry and the financial transaction with the processing companies and participants.


MKB (Small and Medium Enterprise)

MKB Nederland is a dutch organization of branch offices and regional entrepreneurs. The Association has the aim of creating a favorable business climate. Its activities are focused on the attractiveness of self-employment. MKB Nederland tries to achieve this goal with advocacy and services.


The Dutch Packaging Centre (NVC)

NVC is the only chain Association in the Netherlands in the field of packaging. With its network of more than five hundred member companies and twelve thousand individuals, the Association plays a leading role in education and training, information and advocacy



VNO-NCW is the largest organization for companies in the Netherlands. The VNO-NCW member companies and organizations-represent about 115,000 business and together 90 percent of employment in the Dutch market.

VNO-NCW represents the common interests of the Dutch business community at both the national and international level. The advocacy is aimed at maintaining and further improving the business and investment climate for Dutch companies and for foreign companies that want to operate in or from Netherlands. (link:


Civil society organisations

At Blanken Controls we realize that we, like any business, are part of the society. We want to contribute in a socially responsible manner. We do this at a national and regional level by supporting the following organizations:

  • Nierstichting
  • NVA
  • Boerhaavemuseum Leiden
  • XL Tour 2010


Regional organizations:


Bedrijvenkring Apeldoorn (company network Apeldoorn) protects and serves the interests of entrepreneurial Apeldoorn. By joining forces, the BKA make a fist to Governments and agencies.

BKA is the business platform where private and common interest meet. A powerful combination which makes the BKA is an influential interlocutor on important municipal priorities.


The Association Lomive

Lomive, founded in 1957, aims to stand up for the interests of its members. Part of this is the active promotion of the village of Loenen in all areas.


Other regional organizations we support:

  • VV Loenermark
  • Tennisclub Loenen LTC
  • Gymnastiekvereniging De Kempers
  • Gelregym Dieren
  • Loenermark ruiters
  • Natuurmonumenten
  • Museum de Middelste Molen
  • Truckersdag voor gehandicapten
  • Stichting HappyBusDay
  • Lenteloop Eerbeek